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Climbing equipment hire services

I hold a large stock of basic climbing equipment: helmets, harnesses and belay plates with locking karabiners. Subject to availability these are available for hire.

The helmets are Camp Rock Stars; the harnesses are CLOG Centre harnesses; the belay plates are Black Diamond ATCs and the locking karabiners are Wild Country Synergy HMS. Please note that the CLOG harnesses have no gear loops and so are not suitable for leading.

Whilst I obviously guarantee that equipment is safe and fit for purpose when I deliver it to you, I take no responsibility whatsoever for its use whilst in your care. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to use this equipment safely. Please read the BMC’s participation statement before hiring.

Photographic records of the condition of the equipment will be kept. Any damage is chargeable at the replacement cost shown by my supplier, www.theoutdoorshop.com.