Jamie Wakeham : Supply Teaching and Outdoor Education in Oxfordshire

Jamie Wakeham

Physics, science and general supply teaching Outdoor education for schools and individuals Private tuition and Oxbridge exam preparation

Recommended Tutors

Oxford has a wealth of tutors in all subjects. I can personally recommend the following:


Ezi Williams is a qualified teacher who has been tutoring in Oxford since she moved here in 2010. Previously she taught in a top London girls' school.


Natasha Coates offers one-to-one tuition in biology and biological sciences, from GCSE upwards through A-Levels to degree.

Matthew Barnes is a biology tutor with many years experience. He now offers his tuition entirely online.


David Gibbon is an experienced teacher who has recently started full time tutoring, having served as Head of Maths at a local independent school. He is able to tutor at all ages and levels.

Sue Clear is an experienced teacher and tutor who primarily concentrates on tutoring A-Level and GCSE/iGCSE maths.


Anna Kan and Carole Campbell are highly qualified and experienced and teach English Language, English Literature and study skills at all levels.

Psychology, Philosophy, RS and Sociology

Julia Ford is a professional private tutor in these subjects, offering tuition at GCSE/iGCSE, A-Level, IB and undegraduate levels.